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Aug 9, 2022

Education is the best investment you can make in your future—at least that’s what we were told as kids. These days, that narrative seems to be collapsing, due in part to the $1.75 trillion dollars in student loan debt owed by Americans. But, what if education didn’t have to be a liability? What if it could actually be an asset?

Today, we get the opportunity to find out. Thanks to our exclusive partnership with Nas Academy, all Decentralien NFT holders will get free access to a catalog of 18+ courses that add up to over $2000 of value.

Course Catalog

These courses cover a wide range of topics within crypto and beyond:

Learn all about how to invest in crypto with Thiel Fellow, programmer, and founder Ben Yu who turned $10,000 into over $8M.

Increase your odds of successfully building and launching an NFT project of your own with top NFT analyst, investor, and advisor Zeneca

Master your storytelling and video editing with Nuseir Yassin who has built the Nas Daily YouTube channel to over 9M subscribers.

Learn the secrets to growing your audience on TikTok with Ming Wei who has amassed over 22M followers.

Turn your idea into a billion-dollar business with Ritesh Agarwal, founder of Oyo, the Indian hospitality chain valued at over $9.6 billion.

Find out how to make money and work with brands as a digital creative with Alyne Tamir, creator of Dear Alyne, an Instagram account with over 300K followers.

And, of course, learn how to master Bitcoin with our very own faculty member Rockwell Shah.

There are more courses available now with even more being added to the catalog in the future. Additionally, Invisible College will also be working with Nas Academy to onboard leading instructors to teach courses on the platform, with the goal of building the most valuable learning library on the internet. 

NFTs as Keys to Learning

From the day we launched Invisible College, we’ve always believed that NFTs could be more than just expensive pictures of apes and goblins. We saw them as keys that could unlock knowledge, relationships, and opportunities. The team at Nas Academy share our vision and want to help us make it a reality.

While crypto skepticism is all the rage these days, we believe that web3 technology will fundamentally reshape consumer relationships across every industry. We are honored to collaborate with Nas Academy to open up a new way for students to take ownership of their education.

The courses will become accessible for Decentralien holders starting on September 1st. To learn more about the courses and pick up your Decentralien, visit our website.

Visit Our Website

Finally, if you’re a creator with a paid course, newsletter, or podcast that you’d like to add to the bundle, we’d love to discuss partnering together. Just fill out this form to give us more information.

Invisible College, is a school that helps people learn to build and invest in web3. To access our courses, events, and learning community, you’ll need to hold at least one Decentralien. You can get yours on Magic Eden.

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